When's the last time you got REAL mail in your mailbox?... 

A brief aside... I think the U.S.P.S. is one of the best things our government does for us and I appreciate every one of their employees VERY MUCH.

If you're a postal worker, the next sentence is intended to be a joke about what's IN the mail, not about what you do.  Okay back to the thing I was writing about...

I refer to the mail I bring in from the mailbox as "The Recycling." 

Here's today's "Recycling"-- 

That's a fair-sized stack. There was only one thing that didn't go straight into the recycling... and it was a bill.  Which isn't terribly fun, either.  

How about you? What is your Recycling-to-Real Mail ratio? I suspect everyone gets about the same assortment of stuff in their mailbox.

So, here's a question...

When's the last time you got something in the mail that made you happy? You were sorting through the fliers and plastic advertisements and  BLAMMO! there was something exciting--a newsletter, a birthday card, a hand-written letter from someone who loves you. It was pretty awesome, right?

What about an invitation? Ooooo those are one of my favorite things to get in the mail! Paper invitations have been largely replaced by E-vites--even for weddings!--which I think is sad. Yes, using E-vite saves paper and all that, but the amount of paper saved... I mean, LOOK at the pile of stuff that went straight into the recycling bin...  

So, here's your chance to live the little old-fashioned way and get something happy in your mailbox:

         ----> An Invitation! <----

From me! I'm having my first solo art exhibition in Austin, TX and I would love to send you an invitation!

I'm pretty snazzed about it and have made paper invitations. Would you like one?

It's snail-mail, so that means I'll need your snail-mail address. I will only use it for invitations to fancy art shows I'm doing. I promise. 

Interested? You can click this link, or at the top of this page is the word "CONTACT." Click on that, email me your snail-mail address, and I will send you one gen-U-wine invitation to my art show.