Is There Something Beautiful Near You?

Look around you at all the things around you.  Is there beauty in any of it?  Are there things in your home that make you happy just to look at?... the toaster in my kitchen, which is gorgeous to me (it's a retro, turquoise beauty). 

Even my toothbrush has pretty colors and a sleek design.  Everything from the lines of a well-designed car to well-planned landscaping has an impact on our mental health.  

Aesthetics and art matter in everything you choose to have in your life.

If you don't feel this to your core, think about being in a room with no texture, no color or shading, no interesting lines.  Just BLAAAAAHHHHH. 

Someone grab a crayon and draw something on the wall!  Please!  


Here's another room that's empty, but there is beauty in its decrepit state. There are colors, textures, and lines that draw your eye around the room. 

It's a room I'd love to spend some time in.


The room below is empty.

It has no color.

And it is stunning. 

The lines!  The textures!  the play of light on the walls, ceilings, and floor! 

The creativity of it is just jaw-dropping. 


Beauty is something we're hard-wired to seek.  Babies look at pretty people longer (it's true: Google it!).  Art lights up our brains.

"In fact, according to The Telegraph, looking at a gorgeous painting, sculpture, or other artwork increases blood flow to the brain by as much as 10% -- the equivalent of looking at someone you love." 

That sort of ZING to your brain could be a day-changer.  This is true for me.  Every day. 

Here.  Lemmee show you: 

This is just one corner of my house.

 I promise you my whole house is just as full of things that I love to look at. 

My house absolutely makes me happy because everywhere I look, I see things that give my brain a ZING of joy. Maybe if everyone lived in spaces filled with beautiful things the collective ZING we all experienced would give us all the umph we needed to do the important things that need doing.  I sincerely wish for you a house that makes you happy for you to look at.  

And if it isn't, start a plan to make the space you inhabit into something that fulfills you.   


So, to summarize:

Art is one of the best parts of the human experience.

Look for it.

Revel in it.

Appreciate it.

Share it. 

Bring it into your home.

And for goodness sake, support it.

All the best to you.